Gallows Wood Recovery – Going the extra mile for customer safety

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Gallows Wood Recovery, based in Barnetby, North Lincolnshire, are taking the initiative in customer service and safety by equipping all their vehicles with the orve+wrap® thermal blanket.

Nick Curtin, Managing Director explained, “we are always conscious of the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff when attending breakdowns, we are always looking for ways to improve our service”.

It was at the recent Rescue Day 999 event in Crowle – Gallows Wood are regular supporters of this event – that they were introduced to Orvecare, a manufacturer based in Hull, and their orve+wrap® thermal rescue blanket. Nick continued, “when we saw orve+wrap® in use by the emergency services we realised this would be an excellent product for us to use in recovery situations. People are advised to stand away from their vehicle until the recovery team arrive and can very often get wet and cold during this time. Once on scene our staff can now offer warmth and protection from inclement weather whilst we safely recover their vehicle”.

Gallows Wood are the senior recovery operator in North Lincolnshire and the surrounding area, working with the majority of motoring organisations, local dealerships and the general public. They are clearly committed to exceeding the standards of customer care expected of them. In times of anxiety it is often the small things that make a big difference.