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We’re pleased to reveal our brand new video, showcasing our patient warming device orve+wrapⓇ as a highly effective alternative to traditional Forced Air Warming methods. 

The Orvecare team has worked hard to create an engaging video that highlights the product’s effectiveness in protecting against inadvertent perioperative hypothermia (IPH), and its adverse effects, such as surgical site infections (SSIs), increased transfusion requirements, altered drug metabolism, adverse cardiac events, pain and coagulopathy. 

Orve+wrap video 5

On top of this, it also shows how, by using orve+wrap, hospitals can prevent redistribution temperature drop (RTD) and heat loss from uncovered extremities. 

We love the video’s simplicity, which reflects our passion for creating orve+wrapⓇ as a solution with simplicity.

The animation demonstrates the improved patient pathway with orve+wrap, describing the patient journey right from initial consent and anaesthetic to theatre and recovery, and finally back to the ward. 

Orve+wrap video 4

With the explainer video, we wanted to show how the patient experience could be improved withorve+wrapⓇ as it provides comfortable and much less invasive patient experience as traditional Forced Air Warming methods. 

Meanwhile, we were keen to show anaesthetists and procurement teams across the UK how orve+wrapⓇ works, with its six-layer lamination that captures body heat before anaesthetic, redistributing it during and after surgery to maintain the patient’s core body temperature. 

At Orvecare, we understand that patient warming can be a costly and time-consuming procedure, so we have developed orve+wrapⓇ to be 70-85% more cost-effective than Forced Air Warming.

Orve+wrap video 3

We’ve worked with NHS trusts across the country and discovered that they carry out around 7.8 million elective surgeries in total, and the NHS spends around £2 billion per year on postoperative complications – some of which could be prevented by maintaining body temperature at 36 degrees. 

Clinically proven to do just that, orve+wrapⓇ has the potential to save millions for our hospitals. 

Read how orve+wrapⓇ has been clinically-proven to be “highly effective” in maintaining the core temperature of hip surgery patients.

We encourage you to take a look at the video, as orve+wrapⓇ continues to go through clinical trials, proving its effectiveness as a simple, affordable solution for maintaining normothermia. 



For more information about orve+wrap, please contact a member of our team today.