We believe that, whilst a very low price can initially be attractive, someone somewhere pays the full price; either through poor working conditions, compromised quality, unmet deliveries or through production methods that create problems for future generations.

More and more customer purchasing decisions are driven by a need to minimise environmental impact and ensure that people working throughout supply chains are paid fairly and treated with respect and dignity.

These drivers are reflected in our own resolute commitments to environmental best practice and human rights. We actively encourage and support all suppliers in joining the internationally-recognised Sedex platform and all our factories operate a full recycling policy.

So, whilst we are totally committed to providing the most competitive pricing for our customers, we believe it should not come at all costs.

  • We are committed to the process of continuous improvement and we will build management systems to both support and monitor those improvements. All our business partners will obey all applicable laws and regulations and where either the guidelines or the applicable laws are stricter the higher of the two shall apply.
  • Forced labour – We nor our business partners or suppliers shall use forced labour.
  • Child labour – We nor our business partners or suppliers will use child labour or employ anyone under the statutory minimum age in that region.
  • Wages & benefits – We and our business partners and suppliers will pay at a rate that meets all applicable regulations for that region.
  • Hours of work – We and our business partners and suppliers will comply with legally mandated hours of work.
  • Non-discrimination – Employment decisions will be made solely on the person’s ability to the job.
  • Health & safety – We and our business partners and suppliers will ensure a safe and healthy workplace and will have written health and safety policies and procedures in place.
  • Assessments & monitoring – To measure against these guidelines we will conduct ongoing assessments and reviews of our own and third-party facilities. We will have full and open access to the facilities, operations and employees who are involved in our business activities.

Sustainability Policy

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement