We are customer service led

Our customers value the high level of customer care we provide. We give the close, 1-to-1 responsive partnership of a smaller, family-run company, backed up by our global manufacturing and logistical capabilities.

Our unique, strategic structure means that we are able to create highly personalised customer experiences, ranging from bespoke product specifications to having the flexibility to build logistics infrastructure around individual customer needs.

This is one of the contributors to our extraordinary level of customer satisfaction and retention.

We are problem solvers

We have decades of experience and the understanding to know how complex our customers’ product development needs and day-to-day operational problems can sometimes be; our role is to eliminate that complexity.

Whether a challenge lies in product features or logistics, we have the expertise, attention to detail and in-house control to collaborate with our customers and help them overcome the obstacles they face.

Control is a big part of our success

A great product is not a great product unless it is deliverable on budget and on time.

It is because of our in-house design, manufacturing and logistics capabilities – and operations across four continents – that we are able to deliver consistent product quality, volume and delivery schedules that are peerless in our sector.

The level of control we have over our global operations also plays a significant role in allowing us to uphold our ethical and environmental standards.

We deliver the quality, responsiveness and flexibility of a small company, backed by the innovation, ethics and supply capabilities of a global organisation.